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Company name GENERGY Co.,Ltd
Locations 399-4601 5214-11 Naka-Minowa, Minowa-Machi
Kami-Ina-Gun, Nagano-Pref,JAPAN
Telephone/Facsimile Telephone:+81(265)79/0113 Facsimile:+81(265)79/0163
Website http://www.genergy-japan.co.jp/en/
E-mail info@genergy-japan.co.jp
Establishment date November 02 , 1988
Stated capital 99 million yen
Director CEO Kimihiko Takeuchi
Customer Crystal oscillator manufacturer
Semiconductor manufacturer
Clock manufacturer
Chemical parts manufacturer
Business Industrial precious metal・The manufacture and sale of
material(Gold, silver, platinum, etc. Barajiumu)
Maintenance and sale of vacuum deposition related equipment.
Sale and recycling of industrial precious metals.
Sale of industrial chemicals and sale of industrial chemicals.

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