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Privacy Policy

Basic Principle
GENERGY complies with the code, other laws and other regulations regarding personal information, including the personal
information protection act on indivisual information collected on our web site,
http://www.genergy-japan.※※※, called the web site below.
The person in charge ensures appropriate data management in accordance with our internal regulations.
Usage and Provision limit of collected information
Information collected on business and on the web site are applied for business communication and information delivery,
and also for analysis of business operations.
Comments and requests from visitors will be served as references for our future business operations.
Information collected on business and on the web site will be neverdisclosed to the third parties without any law claim,
consent of the party concerned and other special reasons.

Site Plolicy

All information on the web site is protected by the copyright laws and the trademark right.
It is prohibited to use all information secondarily like duplicating,transmitting, transfering and posting, without our prior permission.
While GENERGY makes every reasonable effort to present current and accurate information,
the web site may contain mistaken and outdated material, no guarantee ofany kind is made.
GENERGY is not liable for any damage or loss related to the accuracy,
completeness or timeliness of any information contained on the web site.
Configuration of this web site,URL, content, and the terms and conditions may change or discontinue without notice.
When link to the web site please notice in advance. Please set a link to the top page of this website,※※.

Immoral sites, sites includingillegal contents and frame linking can be lodged to remove the linking.
For any damage by linking to the web site we can not assume any responsibility.

Inquiry Reception
Inquiries regarding personal information, thank you to the following.
GENERGY Co.,Ltd. Customer Support 399-4601 5214-11 Naka-Minowa, Minowa-Machi Kami-Ina-Gun, Nagano-Pref,
JAPAN Telephone:+81(265)79/0113 Weekday10:00〜17:00(Except a public holiday )
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