Natural resources and natural environment

Metals resources are sustaining the information industry.
GENERGY focuses on conservation of limited natural resources for human society and recovers metalresources
with sophisticated technology.
Also, preserving and improvement of the natural environment is our major theme.

Approach to the natural environment

GENERGY donates trees. That is just an example of gratitude and awareness as part of the community.
GENERGY will aim to co-exist in harmony with the natural environment.
And, GENERGY is working willingly to contribute to the community.

ISO Certification

ISO Certification  ISO9001-ISO14001

October 01, 2004, qualified the ISO 9001-2000 of quality management
and the ISO14001 of environmental management at one time.
The ISO-Certifications have stimulated us to be a customer-oriented and environmentally-friendly
company that will contribute to society in pararell.

Registration number :JQA−QMA11654(Quality) JQA−EM4238(Environment)
Reg.Date :01.10.2004
Registered company:GENERGY Co.,Ltd.

Scope of Registration:
1) Design / development, production and sales of sputtering targets and vapor deposition materials.
2) Cleaning of jig for vapor deposition and sputtering system.

Associated organization:
Head office factory
5219-6 Nakaminowa, Minowa-machi, Kamiina-gum Nagano, Japan
[Production of sputtering Targets].
Minamiminowa factory
6181-4 Tabata, Minamiminowa-mura, Kamiina-gun, Nagano, Japan
[Cleaning of jig for vapor deposition and sputtering system].

Quality Policy
1)Think of customer satisfaction and make action
2)Ensure orders to sustain sound corporate management
3)Perform to meet every single requirement
4)Improve uninterruptedly management efficiency by all employees
Environmental Policy
1)Assess the environmental impact caused by our activity.
  And set targets for ongoing environmental improvement as much as feasible.
2)Prevent exposure on regular work, of course, and even at incidents and accidents
3)Comply with environmental laws and regulations and also customer’s environmental guidelines
4)Contribute to environmental conservation of the community
5)Conduct a review by management for environment continuously
6)Enlighten environmentally all all employees and concerned personnel
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